About Us

UK PROMISURE GROUP CO.,LTD is a company specialized in chemical that produces lubricants and metal surface treatment chemicals with leading technology. Headquarter of the Promisure Group is based in London. Since 1960s, started with a laboratory in London.

Promisure Group has realized the opportunity of globalization and has focused on the development of multinational business. With over 20 regional cooperation partners and various types of products, Promisure Group is stepping into the implementation of the globalization strategy which ensures its core competitiveness in the global specialty chemical industry.

We own the whole value chain of lubricants and other industrial chemicals. With the thorough understanding of the raw materials, leading manufacturing technology and wide areas of application, we provide customized solutions and products to our clients. We keep close relationship with clients through our global network of over 20 manufacturing sites and regional partnerships across Europe, North America and Asia.

With the values of the core competitiveness and “Promisure Excellence Model”, we are making continuous efforts to provide added values and innovation solutions to our clients.