Moly Supreme Grease

Moly Supreme withstands greater shock loads and normally lasts two to three times longer than ordinary greases. It is completely waterproof and with the addition of MoS2, has proven to successfully reduce wear on all types of anti-wear friction bearings and chassis points.


Silver Streak Special Multi-Lube

This heavy-duty, extreme pressure lubricant is recommended for the lubrication of antifriction bearings, Babbitt bearings, pins and bushings, enclosed industrial gear cases, open gearings, dipper sticks, circle gearing, spindle and geared couplings and other applications that are common to mining. It is available in several weights depending on the application and ambient temperature

Supreme Gear Lubricant

Supreme Gear Lube is a multi-purpose thermally stable synthetic blend gear lubricant recommended for use in enclosed industrial and automotive gear drives.

Famous for its ability to carry heavier loads and reduce frictional wear, Supreme Gear Lube helps gears run cooler and last longer. The presence of the soluble Moly "plating" on all moving parts minimizes the action of cold welding that occurs when gears have been standing idle.