T100 0W40

Full Synthetic

SN 0W40   1Le/4Le

T100    T100 1l 02


The base oil of T100 is 100% made of high performance poly-alpha olefins and synthetic esters, and the additive system is specially developed for this oil.
It ensures that the oil products have excellent and comprehensive viscous-temperature properties, clean and dispersible properties, and wear resistance.
It is a top-grade lubricating oil product specially developed for the latest generation of engines.
It can be used in all kinds of climatic conditions and operating conditions, and keeps the engine in common use as new as before.
It is made of poly-alpha olefin and synthetic ester, and has super viscosity-temperature property and oxidation resistance.
Excellent lubrication and cleaning performance, durable protection of the engine's strong operation;
The low temperature performance is excellent. The normal flow of oil can be guaranteed under the operating environment of 40 C below zero, and the starting wear of engine can be reduced.
The viscosity span is large, and it can provide enough oil film strength at high temperature to ensure the normal operation of the engine, which can easily cope with various extreme harsh conditions.
It has comprehensive performance and meets many OEM certification requirements.

Recommended for all new high-end cars, including all kinds of use of natural aspiration, turbocharging and other gasoline engines.