S90 5W40

Full synthetic

SN  5W40   1Le/4Le

IMG 6811.jpg     90 1l 02 副本

S90 is a lubricant blended with cutting-edge synthetic technology, specially developed for the latest generation of advanced gasoline engines. High-quality deep hydrocracking base oil and additive system developed for this product can ensure extremely stable viscous-temperature performance and antioxidant performance, make the engine start smoothly, maintain strong output power, and have better fuel economy under normal driving conditions. Performance and strong starting output power.
It is prepared from deep hydrocracking base oil and has excellent viscosity-temperature and oxidation resistance. Selecting high-level anti-wear additives and adopting the most advanced formulation system can ensure strong power output and reduce fuel consumption, thus achieving energy-saving effect.
Unique strong lubrication and cleanliness, durable protection of the strong operation of the engine.
Excellent flow performance ensures that the oil is injected into the lubrication system quickly at the start-up time, instantly forms a protective oil film, and effectively reduces the wear of engine parts.
It has comprehensive performance and meets many OEM certification requirements.

Recommended for all new high-end cars, including all kinds of other gasoline engines using natural intake, turbocharging, etc.